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Friday, July 23, 2004

Behold! It's Avee the Warrior Angel!

This is cute.
Click here to find out what kind of angel you are (girls only, cute guys are warmly welcome, though). Don't worry, dark angels are available for those who don't fit the word "angel".

Now, I proudly pronounce that I am a Warrior Angel!

(Wheww... Look at the picture. Can't imagine if I'm really dressed in that outfit. Boys, dream on! And stop the drooling...)

And here's what it says about a Warrior Angel:
"Guardian Angels are also known as Warrior Angels, because they are the army of God. Does not always mean that they are in war, simply that their job is to protect unwary humans from dark dragons, or other evil demons. Warrior Angels are not always friendly with humans, but they will watch over them all the time. Humans say that when a miracle happens, thank your guardian angel."
I love that.

[Not always friendly but protects people. Yeah right!]


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