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Friday, July 23, 2004

Di Sini Ada . . . Spookybusters!

I am one of the fans of Di Sini Ada Setan (DSAS), a TV show portraying six--used to be nine--teens with an abnormal interest in supernatural phenomena. The influence was from my lil brother (one-half of his personality is that of a psycopath's, mind you). It's not that awful after all. They act naturally, funny sometimes, making the whole thing seems more like a teenage comedy rather than a horror episode.

Lately, they labeled the group "Spookybusters" (bet it was named after Ghostbusters, **LOL**). I didn't find anything odd in the beginning. But come to think of it, "Spookybusters" means that THEY are the ones who give people the creeps.

I'd say "spooky" is only acceptable for Anya, who never stops talking nonsense with her ear-wrecking tone (wonder why the ghosts appear to have no fear of her). Now that she's out of the game, it's time to put DSAS on its right track. Pak Leo, would you consider removing the letter "y"?

[Thinks that horror shows are better educators than cheesy sinetrons.]


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