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Friday, July 23, 2004

Friendster All Over

Recently, some of my fellow mailing list administrators asked a mind-boggling question (no way, I'm just exaggerating this): "Why is everyone so quiet?"
Or something like: "Where are you guys? What on earth have got you occupied?"
Even the desperate one: "Look at the archives...I am the only person who does the posting."

I would say, blame it on Friendster. With the six-degree-separation theory, now those virtual-people-person are turned more to adding up their friends list, uploading and changing pictures, submitting testimonials, and of course, the favorite approving things (I bet they never reject anything unless it blatantly hurts their
cyber pride).
With all the privileges, who needs a mailing list anymore? I mean, that dull, no-picture, full-of-forwardings, stack of emails (don't forget the annoying attachments)?

It seems that Friendster has all it takes to be the heaven of I-need-some-more-guys-to-be-linked-to kind of people. Taken FIRO theory into consideration, Friendster fulfills our interpersonal needs of inclusion—the feeling of being important, accepted, wanted. It also satisfies the human need of control by giving the right to decide which one they want to be associated with of all the users. And it surely gives a way of practicing the butt-licking approach (look at all the testimonials!).

Definitely not a place to exile as what the popular saying has on internet freaks. In Friendster, it is exactly the opposite. You do need to meet people, telling them (even those you do not personally know) it would be great to have them listed, politely offering to type what they has to say about you.
What a nice life.

[A Friendster user who neglected the account for almost five months before starting to build an empire of friends some weeks ago.]


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