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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Future Friendster

I was just wondering what if Friendster had another feature called "chatster". In this case, any chatting-oriented programs would be at stake.
By then, the guys at Friendster would have probably thought of creating online games. And personal websites or blogging tools (instead of just the cliché profile). And your own Friendster mailbox (by the way, instead of waiting for a notification in my mailbox, I'm going directly to my Friendster account to see if my network is expanding).
Later, an online currency (so you could buy, sell, or auction stuff while doing the routine hi-may-I-add-you-to-my-friends-list activity).
Then, an extensive user search is likely to follow (consider keywords related to "most time spent chatting", "website-award winning", "most selling items", or even "Fraudster").

With all that, we might say, "Now, who needs the Internet anymore?"
Glad is not about to happen anytime soon.

I am actually waiting for the time it does not have "beta" tagging along, but "We regret to inform you that Friendster is no longer operating due to lack of financial support" on the screen (to make it less cynical, try this: "Friendster is now teaming up Yahoo! and all free accounts will be limited to 200KB of images and 200 friends. Click here to register for a Premium Account.").

But before Friendster is history, I think I would just loosen up, relate to some stunning celebrities (who somehow manage to create an account despite their jam-packed schedule), and have testimonials done by cartoon characters.

[A Friendster user who finds delayed updates of Friendster is perfectly aggravating.]


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