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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Add Me, Add Me, Add Me!

In the world of friends networking, I am a newbie. I didn't know about (or was too lazy to join) Friendster until Umar invited me in February 2004. I even left the account underdeveloped for the next five months before stumbling into my curiosity once more.

My cyber pride was wounded after seeing many friends of mine had already had hundreds of friends listed there. Easy to guess, it awakened my competitive nature. Since there was no way to have 100 new Friendster friends each week, I began to look for Friendster's counterpart. And how happy I was to find FriendUp.

For some weeks, I thought FriendUp was everything. New features (chat room, tag wall, polls, even quizzes) were available and, more importantly, there were only a few Indonesians there. :) Meaning I still have abundant chances to be the winner here! **devilish smiles**

Then, the bad news came. Friendster and FriendUp were not the only friend networks at hand. I got an invitation to join Multiply from one of my Friendster friends (I kinda hate the idea of not being the “first”... **LOL**). I tried it nevertheless. But the site was down for quite sometime so I concentrated on FriendUp. The next day, more and more Multiply invitations coming in. This time, I started thinking, "No way, they could outclass me on this again!”.

So yes, I joined Multiply only to found it was nicer than FriendUp. Not many Indonesians there either. But the best thing is, I can "import” my Friendster and Orkut friends there straight off. Kewl! But wait, what is this Orkut thing?

Accidentally enough, Orkut is another place to list your friends in a more exclusive manner (as you can only sign up upon the invitation sent personally by a friend). Okay, so Orkut can wait. At almost the same time, I received a bulletin board post (at Friendster) mentioning Hi5, and found out about MySpace through one of FriendUp's polls.

Anything I haven't mentioned yet?

And yes people, I finally joined them all (except for Orkut since I’m still waiting for Joanne, or anyone, to invite me). And wasted much of my leisure time chatting, uploading (and changing) pictures, inviting people, making testimonials, joining groups...

Sometimes, I ask my self this focal question: "What’s the point of joining such networks if you keep on getting the same friends in the end?"
But then again my friends, it is not about winning or losing, it is about who gets the most friends!

[Hopes there won’t be any new friend/chat networks set up, or my time would be used up checking those accounts in vain.]


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