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Sunday, August 01, 2004

I am a Unicorn

This is cool. Unicorn has been my all-time favorite myth unit...I mean, beast (sorry, being carried away with Age of Mythology). Then there’s this quiz to determine which myth unit...I mean, beast, suits you most.
It’s here. Go and try it.

Did the quiz and got this on my first try.

And here's something about case you're dying to know. :)
You are a Unicorn! Unicorns are pure, innocent, magestic creatures that have a spiraling white horn growing out of their forehead, and a white graceful, horses body. Unicorns represent the sign of purity, innocence, friendship, healing, rejeventation, and truth. Your horn is rare prized, but you tend to be naive, lured by a child's cry. Unicorns are reare, beautiful ans shy mythical creatures, and you are lucky to be one.

[Always know I AM lucky and am grateful for that.]


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