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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Is That My Voice?

(Just remember this and I thought I’d share it here.)

Back in October 2002, I was having an English gathering in the English conversation club at my campus. It was the closing program, so we decided to give the participants a touchy moment to treasure the times we'd been through. My friend said that he would read a poem or two, and he asked me to provide the background music. The preparation was absolutely brief I didn't have time to meticulously select the appropriate instrumental music. Hence, I grabbed a Kenny G album and played it while my friend read the poems.

Luckily, the participants were excited and gave a warm applause. I was so pleased that I kept the tape going until the last song of that side. While we were still chatting and laughing, suddenly we heard a voice of a girl singing from the tape. Everybody was puzzled, so was I. The next second I realized that it was actually MY voice (I'm not a good singer yet I like to practice my voice and record it on random cassettes)!

Whoops! The voice was probably not that bad but it often went out of tune (not to mention that it was one of those shabby love songs)! I could see everyone silently smiled at each other. I was so embarrassed to confess, so what I did was just trying to bitterly smile and to put on a confused look on my face, pretending I was also looking for whose voice it was. Then the worst thing came up. The president of the club, confidently yet ignorantly said, "Ah, Vi, it is you singing on that tape! Can I change it with this Lisa Loeb album?"

I felt like the whole world was laughing at me, but I still did want to lose face. Trying to keep my dignity, I said, "Really?", and walked towards the tape to turn it off and pretended it was not my voice. As I slipped to another room, I could still heard them talking about me. From then on, I promised myself two things: not to record my voice unless it was an unused tape, and to be sure to erase every unwanted material before playing my tape for others.


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  • Vee,
    I thought such crazy incident would only happen in UCC.
    Probably it's better for you to promise yourself to take a vocal lesson then, when the same thing happens, you can proudly say "Yes, it's _my_ voice"

    By umar, at 11:02 AM  

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