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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

From an Amateur Critic

I was just wondering why Asian dramas (those from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan) aired on Indonesian TV channels in the past two years can get much greater attention than our own dramas (or at least that’s what I think).

And who said we lack of TV dramas? There’s no day without sinetrons (electronic cinema—that’s the way we call TV dramas here) on each and every Indonesian channel. Horror, thriller, action, comedy, tragedy, you name it, we have them all.

Probably we’re just sick and tired of the same old stuff brought up in sinetrons these days (those tasteless comedies or cheesy high-school students). Some older ones were better back then (because they were objectively good, or perhaps because there were not many dramas to watch so anything was good enough?).

Nonetheless, I rarely anticipate Indonesian dramas as I do on Asian dramas (White Snake Legend, Oshin, Just the Way We are, Ordinary People, Meteor Garden I, Mars). I never have, actually—with a little exception on Bajaj Bajuri and the first episodes of Di Sini Ada Setan.

The point is not about being fed up with our own dramas. Not about the underpinning idea of the story either. Some of Indonesian sinetrons started out from unique areas (Malam Pertama, Kehormatan, Pura-pura Buta, other suggestions, folks?). They could have been better if developed properly and elegantly (plus, of course, not made into sequels).


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