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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A Sad Story

It was one of those lazy Fridays at the office. I was helping (okay, watching, to be exact) my fellow co-worker preparing the much-anticipated lunch for the whole employees (there were only 30-something people, it's a small company). She was fond of talking, telling stories and stuff. So I was just listening, and responding sometimes.

The topic was about marriage and the conversation turned to one of her distant relatives, her niece, who was about to get married in her early twenties. She said, the couple was perfect. Beautiful young girl, handsome young man, both with steady jobs and parents' blessings. It was two weeks before the D-date. The wedding gown was ready, invitations had been sent, the venue & caterers were all set. Then came that one sad afternoon.

The groom-to-be was about to pick up my co-worker's niece. He was riding a motorbike, and pulled up right in front of his girlfriend's office. The girl noticed him, smiled, waved, and started walking towards the bike. It was like everything would turn out fine. The girl would jump on to the bike, and went to a place they wanted to go to.

But it was only seconds after the man took off his helmet that a car came from out of nowhere and hit the bike. He was flung and landed with an internal-bleeding brain. Unconscious for days, he woke up for several minutes only to ask how his wife-to-be was doing. Then he went to a comma for some other days before he passed away.

Before that accident, the girl had tried her wedding gown on. She also asked for a makeup (plus the hairdo) to make sure everything worked alright. It looked nice, so they took a picture of her. Alone. Maybe it was a sign that her boyfriend would never be able to wear his wedding suit beside her.

That picture was the only thing left from her long-awaited marriage. That is the picture she always held when she shut her life from others. She didn't want to see men, didn't want to go out, and spent her time only in her room.

Wondering how she is doing at the moment?

Well, she is recovering. Her parents chose to send her away to a village where flowers blossomed and birds sang. Where the sky is still blue and the mountain is serenely green. Her heart opened once again, not because of another prince charming, but by the genuine laugh of peasant children, the pure kindness of those village people. Life is not meant to be easy on her, but she is opening a new leaf right now.

The story gives me the creeps. I mean, I wouldn't know what to do if I had to lose a loved one like that, right in front of my eyes. Seeing him being taken away from me through such an upsetting incident without a single word of goodbye. Not to mention it was only two weeks before a ceremony that would bind us together.

Perhaps that's why our parents went through "pingitan" some days before marriage. But then again, if you're not meant to be together, you won't. No matter how hard you try to avoid bad things from happening, they can never be stopped if they are to happen.

It got me. I became a bit afraid of getting married. Afraid of losing that special someone. Maybe it's better to stay away from people if you know that they will be taken away from you when the time comes. I thought, it would be better if he dumped me and probably hooked up with another girl as long as I could still see him alive. He would never be mine, but at least I could talk to him or just watched him from a distance. If he died, what would be left of him?


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