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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Catch the Big Fish

May 13, 2005
I've just seen Big Fish today and never thought it could be inspiring. I fell in love when reading the description at the back cover at the first place. But little did I knew that I would learn many things.

It's supposed to be a drama, a mix of facts and fictions, stories and experiences. But it has a proper touch of comedy as well. In my opinion, it's a better version of the classic Peter Pan.

Sometimes people try to build relationships with you in ways you don't understand, while they're only trying to get close to you. And sometimes what they do just keeps them away from you. In the end, the real truth might not be the answer we're looking for. Well, truth matters, but accepting people as who they want to be or looking at the bright side of it all doesn't hurt much...does it? Especially if it's worth the happiness of the people we love.

After all, what Edward Bloom says are not all fakes. Some are twisted a bit, though. Like, Karl. Karl's real but not as gigantic as what Edward portrayed in his story. And the twins, they're not attached to each other, but they do look alike.

Apart from the possibility that Edward tries to make the stories interesting, I believe it's his way of conveying what he really thinks. Like the circus guy. I know he was never a werewolf-turn-to-a-dog. Perhaps he's just harsh and mean because he's actually lonely. And Edward helps him to have some "fun" a bit.

Or what he's really proud of. Will Bloom had a very ordinary birth. But Edward is so proud of him and he wants him to believe that it's a special day--so he invents that big fish thing. I mean, that's one of the most comfortable ways for communicating with a 5-year-old.

Or what he wants other to do. I liked it when he said "The easiest way to catch a difficult woman is to offer her a wedding ring."
More or less. It might not be correct, but it's romantic and meaningful considering that the last thing a great woman needs is having no one important in her life.

Most of the times, we blame others people for not being themselves. For being artificial and fake. Well, maybe they are because we use "our eyes" to see them. So mabe it's our fault when we're saying they din't try to be intimate, or sincere, or honest.

Lastly, I believe we shall not live to be famous or popular. What matters in the end is to never die in the memory of those we care about. To be eternally immortal. To be our own big fish.


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